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Lavender Sage Candle

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Transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility with our stunning hand-poured coconut wax candle, housed in an exquisite handmade cement vessel. Immerse yourself in the soothing aroma of clean and zen, a harmonious blend of lavender and sage top notes, gently caressed by the grounding base notes of Beachwood.

Crafted with a commitment to purity, our candles boast 100% natural ingredients, from the sustainable coconut wax to the artisanal cement vessel. Experience a clean burn that aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle, knowing that every element of our product is thoughtfully chosen for its sustainability and quality.

But the journey doesn't end when the candle's flame dims. Embrace the spirit of sustainability by repurposing the elegant vessel as a unique planter, breathing new life into your space and furthering its eco-friendly legacy. Elevate your senses while honoring the earth with our luxurious coconut wax candle in a handmade cement vessel.